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Wear motorcycle gloves like Oslo is important. They are made with best materials which protect from bumps and scratches in case of a fall.


  • Manufactured from 100% bovine leather.
  • It has a membrane that provides waterproof and breathability to these gloves. Moreover acts as a windbreaker.
  • They contain a Flexishock protection on the knuckles and an anti-abrasion reinforcement in the palm.
  • These gloves complies with the certifying UNE- EN 13594: 2015-CE regulations, qualifying that they have passed all the toughest safety tests.
  • They contain a velcro adjustment, as a result is very simple and quick to adjust.
  • Includes touch function on the index and middle fingers to use touch smartphones or GPS without removing the glove.


kr 898,00Pris
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