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Full face helmets is moslty used thanks to its great versatility. They are comfortable whether to use in the city or for longer trips or routes. Moreover, being completely closed these are safer than open-face helmets. Its shell is made in nugema and has micrometric adjustable closing system.


  • Its shell is made in two different sizes, one for the smallest head shapes and another for bigger ones. This ensures a perfect fit in all of the sizes, unlike other helmets where only interior thickness changes.
  • The interior padding has different densities depending on the need of protection of each part.
  • The visor is fabricated thanks to an exclusive technique by NZI which gives flexibility and resistance.
  • The visor can be fixed in multiple positions to leave it totally closed or half-open according to your needs in every moment.
  • Both the inner and exterior sides of the visor are coated in order to make them tougher against scratches and provide a clear sight for years.
  • This helmet is PinLock ready, a laminate that is attached to the interior part of the visor to avoid condensation. This PinLock layer is not included.
  • Boasts several air intakes and outtakes to canalize it inside the helmet providing a better ventilation.
  • All of the interior can be removed to keep it clean as on the first day.
  • Comes with an anti scratch carrying bag.

NZI Street Track 4 Matt Black

SKU: NZIStreetTrack4MattBlack
kr 2 998,00Pris
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