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Full face helmets is considered biker's number one surely because of it being polyvalent. They are ideal whether to use in the city as well as for long trips or routes. Moreover, as being fully covering your head they protect much better than open-face helmets. Its shell is done in thermoplastic and includes micrometric adjustable closing system.


  • Its shell is fabricated in two different sizes, one for the tiniest heads other for the biggest. This assures a great fitting in all of the volumes, in comparison to other helmets where exclusively interior density varies.
  • Inside pads includes several different densities relying on the need of safety of each part.
  • The helmet screen has been constructed through an exclusive technique by NZI which delivers elasticity and strength.
  • The helmet visor can be adjusted in several positions to have it fully closed or half-closed in accordance with your requirements in every situation.
  • Both the inside as exterior parts of the visor are protection covered in order to be tougher against crashes and so offer this much better sight for longer.
  • A helmet which is PinLock ready, device that attached on the inner part of the visor to prevent breath condensation. This l