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Full face helmets is biker's choice partly thanks to its great versatility. Perfect whether to use in the city or on long tracks or routes. Moreover, as these are completely covering your head add much more protection than open-face helmets. Its shell is created in thermoplastic and relies on micrometric adjustable closing system.


  • Its shell has been made in two different sizes, one for the smallest head shapes and another for big ones. This guarantees a perfect comfort in all of the sizes, compared to other helmets where one and only interior inside padding changes.
  • Interior of this helmet is made in several densities according to the need of protection of each part.
  • The visor is created thanks to an exclusive fabrication by NZI which provides flexibility and resistance.
  • Both the inner as exterior sides of the visor are properly coated in order to make them tougher against falls and thus provide some clear sight for long time.
  • Includes many air flow intakes and outtakes to run it through inside the helmet providing the greater ventilation.
  • It has an anti scratch carrying handbag.

B2B NZI Avtivy 3 Matt Black

kr 1 298,00Pris
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