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Full face helmets are biker's favourite thanks to their adaptability. They are perfect both to wear in town and in long rides or routes. Moreover, as these are fully closed add much more protection than Jet helmets. NZI full face helmet Vitesse II Duo comes in 6 different shapes. Its shell is created in fiber composite and uses a micrometric adjustable secure strap.


  • Its shell has been made in two different sizes one for the tiniest head shapes other for the biggest. This assures a great fitting in all of the volumes compared to other helmets where exclusively interior density changes.
  • Interior protection padding includes several different densities depending on the need of safety of each part.
  • The helmet screen is constructed thanks to an exclusive technique by NZI which delivers elasticity and resistance.
  • The helmet visor can be adjusted in different positions to have it totally closed or semi-open in accordance with your taste in every occasion.
  • This helmet is PinLock system ready, device that attached to the inside part of the visor to prevent condensation that our breath produces This PinLock layer is bought aside.
  • Has a solar lense effortlessly activated by pressing a push button
  • It has many air outtakes and intakes to run it through inside the helmet offering the greater ventilation.
  • Has a component to cover the nose which can be removed to stop formation of breath condensation when you use the helmet with locked visor.
  • All the padding in the interior can be mounted and demounted to be cleant in order to keep it clean and fresh.
  • Comes with a protection carrying pocket.