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It is recommendable to be always equipped with bike pants. We never forget but it is crucial wearing helmet, jacket or gloves to protect our legs. Biking pants Air II Lady from By City, are made with the aim to protect the rider when suffering falls and much more classic scracthes and crashes.


  • Fabricated of elastic cotton fabric for best rider comfort.
  • Relies on Kevlar Dupont interior lining, cut and abrasion resitant material.
  • Air II Lady pants fulfil the prEN17092-4:2017 approval requirements proving that they accomplished safety tests, which are the most demanding.
  • With Removable knee and hip protections (two heights adjustable for your knees).
  • Has 6 pockets, 2 of them are huge loading lateral ones.
  • Air II Lady pants can be half removed on your knees with a zip system to make them a pair of shorts.
  • It also includes 2 front air intakes next to the lateral pockets.


kr 2 048,00Pris
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